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I need more force out of my air knife, how do I get it?
To achieve a higher force of air flow from the Super Air Knife, Standard Air Knife, or Full-Flow Air Knife you need to increase the volume of air being put through it.  This can easily be done by increasing the supply pressure and/or using a shim set.  By increasing the shim thickness within the knife, the air volume and force generated on a target will increase.  Please keep in mind this will directly affect the volume of air that is required to properly supply the knife; so proper plumbing techniques should be applied when connecting the Air Knife to the compressed air source. 
Air Knives
  1. I can't get enough airflow out of my air knife. Should I add more shims?
  2. What are the temperature limits for your air knives?
  3. Can I operate your air knives with a blower?
  4. How much pressure should I use on your air knife?
  5. We have some dead spots on our air knife. What should we do?
  6. Can I connect the output of a Vortex Tube to an Air Knife?
  7. Can I cut an air knife to length in the field?
  8. Does the airflow from your air knife need to be pointed downward as shown in your catalog and on your web site in order to be effective?
  9. I see your Super Air Knives come in stock lengths up to 108”. What's the longest Air Knife available? Are other lengths available that you do not show in the catalog?
  10. What material is an Air Knife made from?
  11. How can I mount EXAIR’s Air Knives?
  12. What is a Plumbing Kit?
  13. What are the different Air Knife shim sizes and their color?
  14. I need more force out of my air knife, how do I get it?
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