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Do you sell hose for your Line Vacs?
Yes, EXAIR sells spiral reinforced PVC hose from 3/8” inside diameter through 3” inside diameter. This hose is connected to the Line Vac with a worm gear hose clamp which is provided with the purchase of the hose.
Line Vac
  1. How much material can be conveyed with a Line Vac?
  2. Where should I position your Line Vac in my conveying system?
  3. What is the difference between the Line Vac, the Light Duty Line Vac and the Heavy Duty Line Vac?
  4. Can I convey liquid with a Line Vac?
  5. Can I convey powder with a Line Vac?
  6. Why can't I use your Line Vac with flammable materials?
  7. Do you sell hose for your Line Vacs?
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