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Do you recommend a filter to use with your products?
EXAIR recommends a 25 micron filter separator (or finer) for its Vortex Tube and Line Vac products and a 10 micron (or finer) filter separator for its other products. They remove dirt and water condensate present in the compressed air. If oil is present in the compressed air supply. EXAIR recommends the use of a coalescing oil removal filter.
EXAIR products sold as kits contain the appropriately sized filters and regulators.
Operating EXAIR Products
  1. Do you recommend a filter to use with your products?
  2. I already purchased an EXAIR product kit, which included a filter separator.  Will this filter work for an additional product?
  3. Can I pulse/cycle the compressed air to your products?
  4. My line pressure is 80-100 PSI and the EXAIR product is not performing well. Why?
  5. What sound level do your products produce?
  6. Can I use your products with nitrogen or other gases?
  7. Why can't I use some of your products around flammable materials?
  8. Can I use a blower to power your products?
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