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My line pressure is 80-100 PSI and the EXAIR product is not performing well. Why?
In the majority of cases, poor performance can be attributed to restrictive air lines, fitting, quick connects or insufficient air supply.  Although the system pressure may be at 100 PSIG, pressure at the product will be considerably lower if it is being starved for air.  Check the installation and maintenance sheet that came with the product for proper air line sizes.
A good test is to install a pressure gauge at the inlet of the product.  Check the static pressure (with the product off) against the dynamic pressure (with the product running).  Any significant pressure drop is an indication of improperly sized air lines, a restriction in the line or the compressor hasn’t the capacity to supply the compressed air needed.
If the dynamic air pressure is within the operating range of the product, then dirt and contamination should be checked next.  If the nozzle(s) plug up, they do not operate properly.
If the above does not solve your problem, contact an Application Engineer at 1-800-903-9247.
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  4. My line pressure is 80-100 PSI and the EXAIR product is not performing well. Why?
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