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Can I make the Digital Flowmeter portable?

The Digital Flowmeter could be mounted to a section of pipe with couplings that would allow it to be relocated to any area you wish to test (keeping in mind the restrictions in the next paragraph).

The Digital Flowmeter must be mounted to a length of pipe that has at least thirty diameters of straight pipe up stream and five diameters downstream.  (Example: 30 diameters for a 1" Schedule 40 pipe = 30 x 1" = 30" of straight pipe.)
Avoid installing the Digital Flowmeter downstream of any item that could distort or concentrate the flow, such as a partially-closed valve, a regulator, a filter, or moisture separator, two closely-spaced elbows in different planes, a long-radius elbow, an increase in pipe size, or a curved hose.  For these situations, allow at least 50 diameters of straight pipe between any such item and the meter.  Select a location that meets these requirements and also provides good visibility from the plant floor.

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