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What is the range of the Digital Flowmeters?

The list below gives the calibrated ranges for each Digital Flowmeter.  The documented accuracy within these ranges is 5% of the reading, plus 1% of full scale for air temperatures between 40F and 120F (4C - 49C):

 Part Number


Flow Range 

 9090 1/2 Schedule 40 Steel Pipe  1-90 SCFM
 9091 3/4" Schedule 40 Steel Pipe 1-120 SCFM 
 9092 1" Schedule 40 Steel Pipe 1-160 SCFM 
 9093 1-1/4" Schedule 40 Steel Pipe 2-150 SCFM
 9094 1-1/2" Schedule 40 Steel Pipe 2-200 SCFM 
 9095 2" Schedule 40 Steel Pipe 3-350 SCFM 
 9096 2-1/2" Schedule 40 Steel Pipe 5-500 SCFM 
 9097 3" Schedule 40 Steel Pipe 7-700 SCFM 
 9098 4" Schedule 40 Steel Pipe 15-1,500 SCFM 
 9099 5" Schedule 40 Steel Pipe 20-2,500 SCFM 
 X121608 6" Schedule 40 Steel Pipe 30-3,000 SCFM 

The units will read flows up to 50% more than the maximum calibrated range; accuracy is 7% of the reading for air temperatures between 40° abd 120°F (4° - 49°C).


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