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Why won't your static eliminators demagnetize my metal parts?
Static Eliminators are not designed to de-magnetize objects. Magnetic attraction and static attraction are two different phenomena that have nothing to do with each other. EXAIR Static Eliminators work to reduce static charges by providing positive and negative ions to the surface of a material to bring the total static charge back to neutral. Magnetic attraction is caused by lines of force created by the alignment of atoms in magnetized material.
Static Eliminators
  1. What kind of maintenance is necessary for an Ionizing Bar?
  2. We removed the static charge with your ionizer, but it keeps coming back. Why?
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  6. Why won't your static eliminators demagnetize my metal parts?
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  9. If I have an Ion Bar and want to add compressed air, can I?
  10. What lengths do you offer for your Super Ion Air Knife and Standard Ion Air Knife?
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