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How do I know what Cold Fraction my Vortex Tube is set to?

There are several ways to determine the Cold Fraction you are currently using on your Vortex Tube.  One is to utilize the Performance Data chart in the Vortex Tube of section of our catalog or website which displays the temperature drop and rise of the Vortex Tube at different temperatures and supply pressures. You can measure the temperature of the cold air exiting the Vortex Tube and compare it to our charts. The air temp should be measured immediately out of the Vortex Tube as the air stream will warm as it mixes with ambient air.

The other method is to use an air flow meter to measure the volume of air both going into and out of the unit and comparing the hot or cold flow of the unit.  Comparing the hot or cold flow rate to the total will give you the relative cold or hot fraction setting.

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