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How do I know which Vortex Tube I have?

The best way to confirm is to remove the hex cold cap and O-ring which holds the generator into the unit. Then, read the alphanumeric code on the flat surface of the generator.  This will indentify many of the features of the Vortex Tube and if you have a stock Vortex Tube it will be all you need. If you have a Vortex Tube with special features, speaking with an Application Engineer will help determine what you have.

When you've obtained the alphanumeric code, you may contact EXAIR to obtain the corresponding model number.

Please contact us at 1-800-903-9247 or

Vortex Tubes
  1. What is a Vortex Tube?
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  13. How do I know which Vortex Tube I have?
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