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What is the difference between the Vortex Tube and other cold air products like the Cold Gun?

The Vortex Tube is the fundamental component inside all the applied EXAIR products that generate cold airflow. The Vortex Tube is available in 3 different sizes and produces a wide span of cooling capacities. All models shown in the catalog have an adjustable valve at the hot end that can change the proportions of hot and cold airflow to their respective ends. On special order, this valve can be replaced with a preset orifice that will provide a pre-determined amount of temperature drop/rise. The Vortex Tube also contains a series of inserts called “generators” that offer a wide range of flow rates for each Vortex Tube size. These generators size the flow to the application.

Most of the applied products (Cabinet Cooler, Cold Gun, Mini Cooler and Component Cooler) have a fixed total flow capacity that is ideal for that product. The valve has been replaced with a preset orifice that allows the Vortex Tube to deliver the highest cooling capacity available. The exception is the Adjustable Spot Cooler, where the temperature is adjustable and flow rates can be changed by using the interchangeable generators. All of these cold air products include other features that make them easy to mount and keep the noise level low.

Vortex Tubes
  1. What is a Vortex Tube?
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  12. How are Vortex Tubes rated?
  13. How do I know which Vortex Tube I have?
  14. What is the difference between the Vortex Tube and other cold air products like the Cold Gun?
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