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Can I use a Vortex Tube to cool my electrical enclosure instead of a Cabinet Cooler?

Yes, Cabinet Coolers are simply engineered Vortex Tubes for the specific purpose of cooling a cabinet. Vortex Tubes will perform the same as a Cabinet Cooler but there are distinct advantages to using the Cabinet Cooler for this application.

  • Cabinet Coolers are available in models that are UL Listed to maintain the NEMA integrity of electrical panels. Vortex Tubes do not provide this level of protection.
  • Cabinet Coolers have built in sound attenuation.
  • Cabinet Coolers have a built in vent to allow warm panel air to escape from the cabinet.
  • Cabinet Coolers are pre-set for maximum refrigeration and the setting cannot be changed. Vortex Tubes can be field adjusted, this leaves them susceptible to mis-adjustment and inefficient operation.
Vortex Tubes
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  11. Can I use a Vortex Tube to cool my electrical enclosure instead of a Cabinet Cooler?
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