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Which Vortex Tube do I use?
Vortex Tubes are offered in three sizes with a variety of cooling capacities. Many common applications that incorporate Vortex Tubes are shown in the EXAIR Catalog and on our web site. If your particular application is not shown, but is similar to one of those described, it is best to order one of the EXAIR Cooling Kits. The Cooling Kits provide a Vortex Tube with all of the associated generators and accessories that allow you to experiment with various flows and temperatures. It is best to discuss your requirements with one of the EXAIR Application Engineers. They can help you select the size for your application.
Vortex Tubes
  1. What is a Vortex Tube?
  2. How does a Vortex Tube work?
  3. Which Vortex Tube do I use?
  4. How long have Vortex Tubes been around?
  5. What does the Vortex Tube Performance Chart tell me?
  6. I have a Vortex Tube, but the air coming out is not very cold. Why?
  7. How will warm compressed air affect a Vortex Tube?
  8. Can I put backpressure on the cold exhaust of a Vortex Tube?
  9. Can I connect the output of a Vortex Tube to an Air Amplifier or Air Knife?
  10. How do I know what Cold Fraction my Vortex Tube is set to?
  11. Can I use a Vortex Tube to cool my electrical enclosure instead of a Cabinet Cooler?
  12. How are Vortex Tubes rated?
  13. How do I know which Vortex Tube I have?
  14. What is the difference between the Vortex Tube and other cold air products like the Cold Gun?
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