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Will our coolant affect the Air Disk/Air Stik?
While the adhesive provided by EXAIR is durable, coolant will erode the bond between the Window Blowoff and your machine window over time.  Periodically, you will need to remount your Window Blowoff. Simply clean the machine window thoroughly and reattach the Window Blowoff with a new piece of adhesive. Extra adhesive strips or disks are provided with Window Blowoff kits for this purpose. The frequency that this is required depends largely on the type of coolant used and its condition. On the Air Stik, you can extend the periods between remounting by applying a bead of sealant around the top and sides of the Air Stik after it has been mounted. Take care not to disrupt the airflow from the Air Stik along the bottom edge.
Window Blowoff
  1. What is the difference between the Air Stik Window Blowoff Kit for Open Top Machines and the Air Stik Window Blowoff Kit for Closed Top Machines?
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  7. Will our coolant affect the Air Disk/Air Stik?
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