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Heavy Duty Mufflers
Heavy Duty Silencing Mufflers effectively reduce exhaust air noise. They are suitable for high flow applications where minimal back pressure is desired. Heavy Duty Silencing Mufflers feature a corrosion-resistant aluminum outer shell with an internal stainless steel screen that protects valves and cylinders from contamination that could enter through the exhaust ports. This also keeps contaminants such as rust from being ejected at high speed from the exhaust port. The NPT threads make them easy to install directly into the exhaust port of the cylinder or valve. The typical noise reduction is up to 14 dBA.

Heavy Duty Mufflers Heavy Duty Muffler Dimensions
Caution: Operations approaching 32°F (0°C) could result in freeze up due to moisture in the compressed air line.

Model # Description A B C D E
3903 Heavy Duty Muffler in 1.81 .81 .44 63 1/4 FNPT
mm 46 21 11 16
3907 Heavy Duty Muffler in 4.5 2 .75 1.5 3/4 FNPT
mm 114 51 19 38
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