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Magnetic Bases

Magnetic bases are available for applications where frequent movement of the Air Jet or Nozzle is required. The powerful magnet permits horizontal or vertical mounting that will hold the blowing position of the Stay Set Hose. A shutoff valve is provided that can be used to infinitely vary the force and flow. There are models with single and double outlets. Model 9042 One Outlet Magnetic Base 
Model 9042
One Outlet Magnetic Base with Shutoff Valve
Model 9043 Two Outlet Magnetic Base
Model 9043

Two Outlet Magnetic Base with Shutoff Valve
Click here to purchase a Magnetic Base separately. Click here to see more options for building your own Blowoff System.

Buy Now Description
9042 Magnetic Base with Single 1/4 NPT Outlet
9043 Magnetic Base with Dual 1/4 NPT Outlet
9029 Swivel Magnetic Base

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