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60 Gallon Receiver Tank

New Receiver TankSome applications require an intermittent demand for a high volume of compressed air. This can cause fluctuations in pressure and volume throughout the compressed air system with some points being “starved” for compressed air. EXAIR’s new Model 9500-60 60 Gallon Receiver Tank can be installed near the point of the high demand so there is an additional supply of compressed air available for a short duration. The time between the high volume demand occurrences should be long enough so the compressor has enough time to replenish the EXAIR 60 Gallon Receiver Tank.

The 60 gallon vertical steel tank with mounting feet saves floor space and meets the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) pressure vessel code. (It is not ASME rated for vacuum.) A drain valve is provided for placement at the bottom of the tank to discharge liquid and contaminants.

60 Gallon Receiver Tank DimensionsA user supplied check valve installed upstream of the receiver tank will maintain the tank at maximum pressure so upstream uses of compressed air do not deplete the tank. A user supplied needle valve can regulate the refilling of the receiver tank, effectively reducing the large intermittent air requirement into a smaller average demand.

  • Pressure tank has a primer finish
  • Temperature rating is -20° to 450°F
  • Tank maximum pressure is 200 PSIG
  • No plugs are included for open ports. User must supply pressure rated plugs and pressure relief valve
  • Weight is 165 lbs. (75 kg)
  • Please consult your local code requirements prior to installation.

Click here to purchase a Model 9500-60 Receiver Tank.

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