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Straight-Through Mufflers
Straight-Through Silencing Mufflers are the low cost way to reduce exhaust air noise in a work area. The straight-through bore is designed for high flow applications, assuring minimal back pressure. Straight-Through Silencing Mufflers feature a corrosion-resistant aluminum outer shell lined with sound absorbing foam for better noise reduction. The NPT threads make them easy to install directly into the exhaust port of air cylinders, valves, venturi pumps, vortex tubes and other air driven equipment. The typical noise reduction is up to 20 dBA.

Straight-Through Mufflers Straight-Through Muffler Dimensions
Caution: Operations approaching 32°F (0°C) could result in freeze up due to moisture in the compressed air line.

Model # Description A B C D E Rated Flow
3905 Straight-Through Muffler in 4 1.5 .5 1/4 MNPT 1/4 FNPT 22 SCFM
mm 102 38 13 623 SLPM
3911 Straight-Through Muffler in 4.13 1.5 .63 3/8 MNPT 3/8 FNPT 50 SCFM
mm 105 38 16 1415 SLPM
3913 Straight-Through Muffler in 9.75 2 .75 3/4 MNPT 3/4 FNPT 73 SCFM
mm 248 51 19 2066 SLPM
Flow rated at 1/2 PSIG back pressure
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