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CASE STUDY: Super Air Amplifier Cools Iron Castings

The Problem: A foundry that produces iron castings for the automotive industry had a problem with certain hot parts that slowed their production. After pouring, the castings gradually cool by traveling along a 200 foot long conveyor. At the end, a shake-out conveyor breaks the sand mold so the casting can be removed. Normally, the operator could pick up the part with special gloves and grind the rough edges. However, some castings such as crankshafts, differential housings, and shift parts retained too much heat, making them too hot to handle. The operator had to wait up to ten minutes for them to cool.

Super Air Amplifier Cools Iron Castings

The Solution: They installed (5) Model 120022 2" (51mm) Super Air Amplifiers over the shake-out conveyor. The high output airflow from each Super Air Amplifier rapidly cooled the parts without shocking them (no cracks or imperfections from cooling too rapidly). When the part reached the end of the conveyor, the operator could proceed immediately. The backlog was completely eliminated.

Comment: This manufacturer had almost given up on finding a cooling solution since the fans and blowers that were tried in the past showed little improvement. Our Super Air Amplifier dramatically reduced the cooling time. As a result, they installed them on their second line. The low cost Super Air Amplifiers are compact, portable and have no moving parts to wear out (which is ideal in a dusty foundry). And, the patented design assures the highest output air volumes possible with the lowest air consumption.

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