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CASE STUDY: Vacuuming Wood Chips and Sawdust

The Problem: An air conditioner manufacturer purchased a new radial arm saw for their export department, only to discover that an existing vacuum system could not remove the sawdust and chips. This created a daily cleanup problem in the department.

Vacuuming Wood Chips and Sawdust

The Solution: A sheet metal hood was installed around the radial arm saw. The vacuum end of a Model 120024 4" (102mm) Super Air Amplifier was connected to the hood. (A solenoid valve activated the amplifier only during the sawing operations, minimizing compressed air usage.) Flexible hose conveyed the dust and chips to a 55 gallon drum, and the cleanup problem was eliminated.

Comment: Super Air Amplifiers are an inexpensive, compact, portable and maintenance free alternative to electrical vacuum systems that wear out quickly. No moving parts means trouble free operation. One might question why EXAIR's Line Vac wasn't used for this application. Line Vac Air Operated Conveyors create strong conveying ability by using a series of directed nozzles aimed at the exhaust. This design resists back pressure when conveying over long distance. They do not vacuum in large volumes of air. Super Air Amplifiers use EXAIR's patented design to produce high volumes of airflow through the unit (which is needed since the airborne sawdust is over a large area). The suction intake is larger than the exhaust end. Super Air Amplifiers are less resistant to downstream back pressure. That was not a problem here since the hose carrying the sawdust to the drum was only 10' (3m) long.

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