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CASE STUDY: Cooling Steel Forgings

The Problem: Connecting rods are hot-forged, and dropped onto a conveyor at 1800° Fahrenheit, where they are inspected for excess scale. Inspection procedures require that the forgings cool to the "black state", approximately 1500° Fahrenheit, prior to this quality check. The parts were forged in pairs on a ten second cycle. However, ambient air cooling time exceeded three minutes. As conveyor length was not sufficient to provide an adequate cooling interval between the forge and the inspection station, production rates suffered.

Cooling Steel Forgings

The Solution: Ten Model 120022 2" (51mm) Super Air Amplifiers were installed above the conveyor. Air pressure was regulated to 60 PSIG, minimizing air consumption. The high volume, high velocity air stream produced by the amplifiers reduced cooling time and required conveyor length by 50%.

Comment: Why Super Air Amplifiers rather than fans or blowers in this application? First, simplicity. Air Amplifiers have no moving parts and operate reliably in hostile environments. Second, cost. Purchase of the ten Super Air Amplifiers was a fraction of the cost of a blower-operated cooling system.

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