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Air Amplifiers

Model Comparison

Air Amplifier Comparison
   Efficiency  Sound
Super Air Amplifier High Low Yes With Shims 275°F
Aluminum Adjustable
Air Amplifier
Medium Variable No Infinite
(No shims)
Stainless Steel
Air Amplifier
Medium Variable No Infinite
(No shims)
High Temp.
Air Amplifier
High Low No With Shims 700°F

Super Air Amplifiers™
Super Air Amplifiers have the highest amplification ratios and are the most efficient of all Air Amplifiers. The patented* design uses a special shim to maintain critical position of the component parts. As a result, a precise amount of compressed air is released at exact intervals toward the center of the Super Air Amplifier. These jets of air create a constant, high velocity outlet flow across the entire cross sectional area.
Additional free air is pulled through the unit, resulting in higher amplification ratios. The balanced outlet airflow minimizes wind shear to produce sound levels that are typically three times quieter than other Air Amplifiers. Super Air Amplifiers cool truck pistons from 290°F to 100°F in 53 seconds.
(5) Model 120022 2" (51mm) Super
Air Amplifiers cool truck pistons prior
to gauging.
Super Air Amplifiers are supplied with a .003" (0.08mm) slotted air gap which is ideal for most applications. Flow and force can be increased by replacing the shim with a thicker .006" (0.15mm) or .009" (0.23mm) shim. Model 120028 is supplied with a .009" (0.23mm) air gap. A .015" (0.39mm) shim is available for Model 120028.
Adjustable Air Amplifiers™
Adjustable Air Amplifiers have good amplification ratios and are very easy to use. The air gap is infinitely adjustable which regulates the consumption and outlet flow from a "breeze" to a "blast". They are available in aluminum or in stainless steel for food service, higher temperatures (400°F/204°C), and corrosive applications. High Temperature Stainless Steel Air Amplifiers for temperatures up to 700°F (374°C) are available. Please contact an application engineer.
3" Adjustable Air Amplifier to Cool, Dry and Exhaust
3" Adjustable Air Amplifiers cool, dry and exhaust.
Force and flow for the Adjustable Air Amplifier is changed by turning the exhaust end (with the knurled ring loose) to open or close the continuous air gap. When desired performance is obtained, the knurled ring can be tightened to lock the flow at that setting. In most cases, a .002" to .004" (0.05mm to 0.10mm) air gap is ideal.
Metal parts are dried using a series of Model 6042 Adjustable Air Amplifiers.
Metal parts are dried using a series of Model 6042 2" (51mm) Adjustable Air Amplifiers.

*Patent #5402938

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