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CASE STUDY: Blowoff On A Bottling Line

The Problem: Bottles emerging from a pasteurizer are conveyed to a labeling station. Water carryover from the bottles created a slip hazard and housekeeping problem. In addition, open air jets drying the bottles upstream of the labeler consumed over 150 SCFM of compressed air. Noise levels were in excess of 90 dBA.

 Blowoff On A Bottling Line

The Solution: An "air gauntlet" consisting of (2) Model 110012 12" (305mm) Super Air Knives was installed immediately downstream of the pasteurizer. As the bottles passed through, the Super Air Knives swept the water straight down, into a tub, eliminating the carryover problem. The open air jets at the labeling station were also replaced with Super Air Knives, reducing noise levels to 69 dBA and air consumption by over 50%.

Comment: The ability of the Super Air Knife to sweep the bottles with a continuous, laminar sheet of air was the key to success in this application. The safety issue was completely eliminated by having the defined airstream direct the rinse water into the tub instead of the floor. As an added bonus, this company saved so much air that they were able to shut down an auxiliary compressor. Payback on the replacement of the wasteful open air jets was measured in weeks, not months or years.

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