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CASE STUDY: Eliminating Dip Molding Rejects

The Problem: The dip molding process is used to make anything from the colorful boots around gas pump handles to the grips for pliers and other hand tools. One molder had a high reject problem with many of their parts. As the die was lifted from the molten plastic, excess would run down the part and harden - just like candle wax. The smooth surface was ruined, drastically reducing production.

 Eliminating Dip Mold Rejects

The Solution: The company installed (2) Model 110012 12" (305mm) Super Air Knives to wipe the excess plastic from the part and blow it back down into the tank. The product surface was completely smooth and all rejects were eliminated.

Comment: The Super Air Knife was the best choice for this application. In this case, the manufacturer needed the assurance that the airstream would be uniform so no surface would be missed. The balanced, laminar flow of the Super Air Knife did just that, along with minimizing the air consumption and noise level.

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