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Air Knives

What is an Air Knife System?   Intelligent Compressed Air Product

Air Knife Systems utilize compressed air for industrial applications that include drying, removing excess oils and liquids, dust blow off, and cooling.

An air knife is effective and efficient. The laminar (uniform) sheet of air is projected along the entire length of the air knife to provide an air flow that covers the entire surface of the product. Air Knife Systems from EXAIR have small profiles, are manufactured in various lengths and can be mounted to accommodate many industrial applications involving conveyors and webs, even in tight spaces. Whether your goal is to remove dust and contaminants, cool hot parts or blow off excess oil, water and liquids, the air knife is also energy efficient. By entraining high volumes of room air they use less compressed air and less energy than other blow off products.

EXAIR manufactures air knife systems with aluminum, stainless steel and PVDF for corrosive environments. Sizes range from 3 inches to 108 inches. All of our air knives are CE compliant.

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  Super Air Knife Video
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Super Air Knife blows vegetables dry.
A Model 110012SS 12” (305mm) Stainless Steel Super Air Knife dries rinse water from vegetables prior to packing.

CE compliant

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