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Air Nozzles and Jets

Intelligent Compressed Air ProductAir Jets

Air Jets pull large volumes of surrounding "free" air through
Meets or Exceeds OSHA Requirementsthe jet to create a directed airflow. The two styles include
the High Velocity Air Jet with high thrust for chip removal,
part ejection and drying; and the Adjustable Air Jet where
the airflow can be adjusted from a "blast" to a "breeze".

Both the High Velocity and Adjustable Air Jets are now available in
Type 303 Stainless Steel. Model 6013 and 6019 have a max temp of
275°F (135°C). Model 6013SS and 6013SS have a max temp of
400°F (204°C).

Both styles meet or exceed OSHA requirements.

Model 6013 High Velocity Air Jet
Model 6313 Air Jet Shim Set for the Model 6013 High Velocity Air Jet

Model 6013 and 6013SS High Velocity Air Jet
Provides maximum thrust with a confined, directed airstream. Best choice for part ejection, chip removal, part drying.

Shim Sets: Shims can be used to change the gap on the Model 6013 Air Jet. Changing shims will alter air consumption, force, flow and vacuum capability. Order Model 6313 Air Jet Shim Set.

Model 6019 and 6019SS Adjustable Air Jet
This is an adjustable version of the Model 6013 Air Jet. Airflow and thrust are easily adjusted using the micrometer gap indicator.

Model 6019 Adjustable Air Jet

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