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Air Nozzles and Jets

CASE STUDY: Cleaning Steel Sheet

The Problem: Galvanized steel sheet must be cleaned of zinc particles during the final rolling operation. An air manifold, consisting of (42) 1/8" open pipe nipples, was installed across the sheet, blasting it with air compressed to 80 PSIG. While this scheme produced a satisfactory end product, both the noise level (99 dBA) and air consumption were unacceptably high.

Cleaning Steel Sheet

The Solution: EXAIR Model 6013 High Velocity Air Jets were installed in the existing pipe nipples. Compressed air consumption was reduced by approximately 30%, and noise level reduced to 90 dBA-a 300% reduction in sound pressure level!!!

Comment: If you are looking for major cost saving opportunities on the production floor, chances are your compressed air system is a good place to start. Energy is a substantial cost factor in most plants, and compressed air cost is often at the top of the list. "Air abuse" can be eliminated in a number of ways:

  • plugging leaks
  • repairing or replacing faulty valves and filters
  • cycling air whenever possible
  • replacing noisy, energy-wasteful open jets with quiet, energy efficient, Air Jets

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