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Air Nozzles and Jets

CASE STUDY: Pre-Paint Drying of Rollformed Parts

The Problem: Rollformed parts are often painted after fabrication. If the lubricant applied during forming is not completely removed, the paint will not adhere properly. A large tubing manufacturer was using 1/4" open air jets to remove the lubricant. Air consumption was 60 cubic feet of air per minute, and noise level exceeded 90 dBA. In addition, the "pinpoint" stream produced by the jet did not provide adequate air coverage. The result: flaking paint, a high rejection rate and customer complaints.

Pre-Paint Drying of Rollformed Parts

The Solution: Model 1001 Air Nozzles were affixed to the ends of the open jets. The wider, diverging air stream provided by the nozzles dried the part completely, eliminating rejections and customer complaints. Lower compressed air costs resulted in a three week payback on the nozzle installation. Noise levels were reduced by 9 dBA.

Comment: In addition to Air Nozzles, tube mills and rollformers have used the Air Knife to dry strip prior to forming, Air Wipes for a 360° ring of air to surround the product surface and EXAIR Vortex Tubes to cool seam welds. Complete information on these and other problem-solving EXAIR products can be found elsewhere in this online catalog.

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