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Air Operated Conveyors

CASE STUDY: Sanitizing Playland Balls

The Problem: Fast food restaurants and fun centers often include a cage full of plastic balls for the kids to romp around in. The balls were periodically cleaned by a service using truck mounted sanitizing equipment. Service personnel would scoop the balls into nets, carry them to the truck for washing, then lug them back to the cage - a tedious and time consuming job.

Sanitizing Playland Balls

The Solution: An air compressor powering (2) Model 6087 4" (102mm) Aluminum Line Vacs was installed on the truck. With hose attached to the first Line Vac, the balls were vacuumed out of the cage and into the washer. Once sanitized, a second Line Vac and hose transferred them back to the cage. Cleaning time and expense were reduced dramatically.

Comment: The compact design and simplicity of operation were the keys to success in this application. The Line Vac also features large throat diameters for maximum throughput capability - like the large plastic balls.

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