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CASE STUDY: Line Vac for Matrix Removal from Labeling Application

The Problem: A manufacturer applies labels to their products. After they have been applied, there is a waste stream that is referred to as “the matrix”. The matrix is the release liner that labels are affixed to in bulk format prior to being used. The normal method for taking up this waste stream was to use a winder. However, after some amount of time, the winder inevitably becomes filled. Once full, the line is stopped and the winder is manually emptied. They needed a better way to dispose of the matrix.

line vac

The Solution: The Line Vac presents a unique advantage in that it can pull the matrix from the machine and convey it out to a waste receptacle. This requires no winder, no stopping the line and no emptying. This solution freed up personnel for other tasks and increased production. The compact design and powerful operation of the Line Vac allowed it to be placed close to the generation of scrap, trim, or waste. Its powerful conveying capacity allowed it to transport the material to a remote and central location.

Comment: This application illustrates the versatility of the Line Vac product line. Commonly used as hopper loading products in the plastics industry a Line Vac is also a strong performer for applications like waste/trim removal, assembly parts conveyance, blasting media recovery, gas sampling and chip removal. Its large variety of materials and sizes makes it well suited for industrial, pharmaceutical, laboratory, high temperature and corrosive environments. No moving parts or electricity assures maintenance free operation.

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