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Air Wipes

Super Air Wipe™

EXAIR's Air Wipes provide a uniform 360° airstream ideal for blowoff, drying, cleaning, and cooling of pipe, cable, extruded shapes, hose, wire and more. The unique, split design makes it easy to clamp around the surface, eliminating the need for threading.

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Five Year Built to Last Warranty
CE compliant     

Two styles are available:

The Super Air Wipe resists corrosion and is ideal for high temperatures up to 800°F (427°C). It is constructed using stainless steel screws, shims along with a stainless steel wire braided coupling hose (for sizes up to 4" (102mm)).

Super Air Wipe
Super Air Wipe

The Standard Air Wipe is a good choice when stainless steel screws and shims are not required. A general purpose PVC coupling hose is included (for sizes up to 4" (102mm)).

Standard Air Wipe
Standard Air Wipe

  • Drying after washing, cleaning, plating or coating
  • Blowoff dust and contaminants
  • Cool hot extruded shapes
  • Uniformly wipe surfaces
  • Dry extruded profiles, rod and medical tubing
  • Eliminate solution carryover - no cross contamination
  • Blow excess water from automotive door gaskets
  • Remove excess coatings, water and oil
  • Dry tube, hose, wire, fiber optics
  • Minimize solution loss due to drag-out
  • Clean paint gun tips
  • Dry screen printed or ink jetted surfaces
  • Clean strips and ribbon
Super Air Wipe
The stainless steel 1/2" Super Air
Wipe is ideal for drying wire,
tubing, fiber optics, cable and
other small diameters.

Meets or Exceeds OSHA Requirements

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