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CASE STUDY: Cooling Control Panels in a Glass Plant

The Problem: Few companies contend with more heat related problems than do glass manufacturers. Control panels in close proximity to molten glass are particularly susceptible. High ambient temperatures caused constant "nuisance tripping" of the circuit breakers. The "quick fix" solution — opening the panel doors — allowed dirt to enter the panels and created a potential safety hazard.

Cooling Control Panels In A Glass Plant

The Solution: EXAIR Model 4330 Cabinet Cooler Systems were installed on each control panel. Cold air was directed through the Cold Air Distribution Kit over the circuit breakers. Thermostat control assured that the Cabinet Coolers would activate only when internal temperatures approached critical levels. The panel doors were closed against dirt infiltration and shock hazard. Downtime was eliminated.

Comment: The inherent reliability of the vortex tube operated Cabinet Cooler was the important advantage in this application. Because they have no moving parts, EXAIR Cabinet Coolers are virtually impervious to hostile environments. Glass plants, steel mills, foundries, and casting plants are just a few of the facilities benefiting from this simple, yet effective technology.

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