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CASE STUDY: Cooling and Purging a Pultrusion Control

The Problem: In the pultrusion process, resin coated fibers are assembled by a forming guide, then drawn through a heated die. Residual heat from the die caused electronic malfunctions at the control station located immediately downstream.

Cooling and Purging a Pultrusion Control

The Solution: In minutes, a Model 4730 NEMA 4 (IP66) Cabinet Cooler System was installed on the control module. Its 2,000 Btu/hr. (504 Kcal/hr.) cooling capacity more than offset the additional heat load produced by the die. Heat related malfunction and downtime were eliminated.

Comment: The ability of EXAIR's Cabinet Cooler to maintain a slight positive pressure within the enclosure was an important additional benefit in this application. This purging feature assured that dust from the surroundings would not infiltrate the enclosure and compromise the sensitive electronic components. The Cabinet Cooler also maintained the NEMA 4 (IP66) integrity of the enclosure which was necessary for the occasional washdown of the die and surrounding surfaces.

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