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Cold Gun Aircoolant Systems
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  • Tool sharpening 
  • Drill and cutter grinding 
  • Routing 
  • Plunge and form grinding 
  • Milling Meets or Exceeds OSHA Requirements
  • Surface grinding
  • Drilling
  • Tire grinding
  • Band sawing 
  • Plastic machining

Tool Grinding
Cold air eliminates heat cracking of carbide and tool edge burning during grinding and sharpening operations. Increased tool life between regrinds is the result.

Model 5215 Cold Gun System
Model 5215 Cold Gun System.

Model 5215 Cold Gun System
Model 5215 Cold Gun System.

Milling and Drilling
Fly cutters up to 460mm in diameter have been cooled with the Cold Gun. Dissipating heat with cold air extends tool life, increases speeds and feeds, and improves finishes.

Chill Roll
Cooling a roll with 20°F
(-7°C) air keeps the material on the surface from bunching up, jamming or tearing. The metal surface transfers the cold temperature to the product.

Model 5315 Cold Gun System
Model 5315 Cold Gun System.

Model 5230 High Power Cold Gun
Model 5230 High Power Cold Gun System.

Laser Cutting
Cold air cools a laser cut part so it can be handled seconds later. The High Power Cold Gun has twice the cooling capacity of the standard Cold Gun, cooling the part in less time.

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