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Cold Gun Aircoolant Systems

How the Cold Gun Works
The Cold Gun incorporates a vortex tube to convert an ordinary supply of compressed air into two low pressure streams, one hot and one cold. The hot airstream is muffled and discharged through the hot air exhaust. The cold air is muffled and discharged through the flexible hose, which directs it to the point of use. The magnetic base provides easy mounting and portability.

How the Cold Gun Works

The Compressed Air Supply
The Cold Gun is designed to use full line pressure of 80-100 PSIG (5.5-6.9 BAR). Temperature drop and flow are reduced when lower input pressures are applied. The use of clean, filtered air is essential to the operation of the Cold Gun. A manual drain filter that removes moisture, dirt and other particulates from the compressed air is included with each Cold Gun System.

Controlling the Cold Air
The EXAlR Cold Gun gives instant cold air when filtered compressed air is supplied to it. Cycling on and off is a good way to save air. For on and off control, use a Model 9012 Manual Shutoff Valve. To turn the Cold Gun on with the machine, the Model 9020 Solenoid Valve may be used and wired through the machine control switch. This method is ideal for hand grinders and drill sharpeners.

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