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Heavy Duty Dry Vac™

Vacuum more material in less time!

Industrial duty vacuum has a rugged construction to resist wear!

Heavy Duty Dry Vac

What Is The Heavy Duty Dry Vac?

EXAIR's Heavy Duty Dry Vac attaches to an ordinary 30, 55 or 110 gallon open-top drum to turn it into a powerful, industrial duty vacuum cleaner. The Heavy Duty Dry Vac has been engineered to vacuum more dry materials in less time with less wear. Designed for tough industrial environments, the hardened alloy construction resists premature wear while the increased power handles difficult jobs and harsh conditions. The quiet operation makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications including the clean up of abrasive materials like steel shot, garnet, metal chips, and sand while also useful for general purpose applications like vacuuming floors, machines, work stations, industrial machinery and equipment.

Why The Heavy Duty Dry Vac?

Electrically operated vacuums have motors and impellers that clog and wear out quickly. There’s also a potential shock hazard when electric vacs are used in standing liquids. The Heavy Duty Dry Vac is compressed air powered which eliminates the shock hazard. It has no moving parts to wear out or break, to assure long life. It is quiet with a sound level that is half that of electric vacs. A static resistant hose prevents painful shocks when vacuuming dry materials.

Vacuuming Rate Comparison
1/4 NPT Pipe Plugs bulk density is 250 lb/ft³
(4005 kg/m³)
Plastic Pellets (tumbling media) bulk density is 69.3 lb/ft³
(1110 kg/m³)
Steel Shot (blasting media) bulk density is 317.7 lb/ft³
(5089 kg/m³)
Standard Chip Vac 11.1 lbs/min
(5 kg/min)
27.4 lbs/min
(12.4 kg/min)
13 lbs/min
(5.9 kg/min)
HD Dry Vac 26.9 lbs/min
(12.2 kg/min)
51.6 lbs/min
(23.4 kg/min)
32 lbs/min
(14.5 kg/min)
% Increase 142% 88% 146%

Note: The Heavy Duty Dry Vac’s lever lock drum lid fits any open top drum. Moving it from one drum to another can be done quickly, making it easy to keep different materials separate for recycling. All materials are vacuumed directly into the drum, eliminating the heavy lifting that is common with electrically powered vacuums. The Heavy Duty Dry Vac can be used with an open head steel, fiber or plastic drum that is in good condition (ANSI Standard #MH2-2004). To prevent material contamination, a poly drum liner can be inserted into the drum.

Warning: Do not use with combustible dust.

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