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Air Stik Window Blowoff
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Air Stik Window Blowoff

Air Stik Window Blowoff Specifications
Model Description Air Consumption Pressure Supply
6201 AIR STIK (Closed Top) 20 577 80 5.5
6202 AIR STIK (0pen Top) 20 577 80 5.5

Review the dimensions of the Air Stik to determine if there is proper clearance between the sliding door and the frame of your machine.

Warning: Compressed air must be turned off before opening the door of the machine to prevent airborne coolant from contacting the operator.

The Air Disk and Air Stik come with all the necessary connections for fast, easy set up. The compact design permits mounting in machines that are fitted with bars or grills that protect the window. A strong adhesive bonds the unit to the glass or polycarbonate. A shutoff valve giving the operator "on/off" control makes it easy to increase the air velocity when there is a high volume of coolant on the window. An optional solenoid valve can be wired into the machine control to limit the operation to only those times when coolant is being used, or activated by using a special code in the program.

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