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What Is The Window Blowoff?

EXAIR’s Window Blowoff Systems give the machine operator a clear view of the part and the machining operation when coolants or cutting fluids are used. The machinist can then make decisions affecting the part and process, resulting in faster machine set up and increased productivity. Tool damage and unnecessary downtime can be eliminated.

The Air Stik™ Window Blowoff for Closed or Open Top Machines

 A Model 6202 Air Stik Window Blowoff blows down surface the glass with a quiet, high velocity sheet of air.
A Model 6202 Air Stik™ Window Blowoff blows down the surface of the glass with a quiet, high velocity sheet of air.

Why The Window Blowoff?
EXAIR's Five-Year WarrantyTo keep up with the constantly increasing feeds and speeds of today’s machine tools, high volumes of flood coolant must be used. As a result, a heavy coolant spray is often thrown against the window that eliminates visibility of the part and the machining process. The Window Blowoff gives an unobstructed view to the inside of the machine.

Coolants and other liquids that spray against a window make it impossible to see the part or the machining process. It's a problem encountered by every machine shop that affects worker safety, product quality and productivity. When the operator's view is cleared, you can expect to:

  • Meets or Exceeds OSHA RequirementsDramatically reduce set up time for new jobs and reduce costs. The Window Blowoff eliminates guess work. The part and process remain visible so the operator can avoid potential problems that can ruin the part - wasting time and material. Getting it right the first time eliminates delays in running other jobs or parts.
  • Avoid machine crashes and stop ruining expensive tools and inserts. When the travel of the machine is visible, you can see the instant something is going wrong. Otherwise, there is the potential for a costly machine repair bill.
  • See chip formation that indicates when tools are getting dull. When the view is blocked, it is normal to expect a bad part or two to be completed before the wear is ever noticed.
  • Eliminate the potential operator danger. In order to see the part and process, some machine operators bypass the safety interlocks that normally prevent the machine from running when a door is opened. This is very dangerous since the operator can be exposed to flying chips, coolant or a thrown part.

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