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Compressed Air Flow Meter Summing Remote Display

Summing Remote DisplayEXAIR’s Summing Remote Display for the Digital Flowmeter makes it easy to monitor compressed air consumption from a convenient location. With the push of a button, the display cycles to show the current air consumption, usage for the previous 24 hours, and total cumulative usage. Regular monitoring of the air usage of a machine, process or department makes it possible to save thousands of dollars per year in compressed air waste by identifying the costly leaks or inefficient air products.

The Digital Flowmeter (sold separately) has a four digit LED display that directly indicates the SCFM (standard cubic feet per minute) of airflow through the pipe it is mounted to. The Summing Remote Display shows that flow measurement, the daily and cumulative usage and is frequently used when the Digital Flowmeter is in an obscure, hard to read location. The accuracy of the displayed measurement is within 5% of the reading when the air temperature is 40º to 120ºF (4º to 49ºC) and air pressure is between 30 to 140 PSIG. No adjustments or calibration are ever required. The Summing Remote Display is CE and RoHS compliant.

Two models of the Summing Remote Display are available:

  • Model 9150 that displays SCFM
  • Model 9150-M3 for m3/hr

It is pre-wired with 50’ (15.2m) of cable and is powered by the Digital Flowmeter. Mounting hardware is included.

Buy Now Summing Remote Display
9150 Displays SCFM
9150-M3 Displays m3/hr

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