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$5,365.36 Annual Air Savings For Pre-Paint Bumper Cleaning$5,012.28 Annual Air Savings For Pre-Paint Bumper Cleaning

A manufacturer of car bumpers installed a 60” (1524mm) Super Ion Air Knife in the down draft cleaning area prior to their paint booth. The bumpers enter that area in the same orientation as they would when mounted to the automobile, moving at 10’ (3m) per minute with a 12” (305mm) space between bumpers. The bumpers are under the blow off for 10 seconds. 6 seconds pass with no bumper in the ionized airflow. The operation runs around the clock with three shifts.

Old Method
EXAIR’s 60” (1524mm) Super Ion Air Knife was supplied at 40 PSIG to clean the bumper.
At 40 PSIG, EXAIR’s 60” (1524mm) Super Ion Air Knife consumes 102 SCFM (2,887 SLPM).
Non-stop blowing of 1,440 minutes (24 hours) per day x 102 SCFM = 146,880 SCF (4,156,704 SL) air usage per day.
Before the EFC installation:
Most large plants know their air cost. If the actual cost is unknown, $0.25 per 1,000 SCF (28,329 SL) is reasonable.
146,880 SCF/1,000=146.88 x $.25 = $36.72 air cost per day
New Method
The EFC was installed to shut off the compressed air for the 6 seconds where no bumper was present - an on cycle reduction of 37.5%.
1,440 minutes x 37.5% = 540 minutes of off time per day
With the EFC installed:
146,880 SCF X 62.5% on cycle = 91,800 SCF/1,000 = 91.8 x $.25 =
$22.95 air cost per day
$36.72 (old air cost) - $22.95 (new air cost) =
$13.77 savings per day x 7 days per week =
$96.39 savings per week x 52 weeks per year =
$5,012.28 savings per year.
The timer was set to the “interval” setting when detecting the bumpers. The sensor was mounted next to the Super Ion Air Knives. When it detected a bumper, it turned the air on immediately and started the 10 second timing sequence for closing the valve (shutting the air off). In the event the conveyor stopped, the air would no longer cycle on again until the next bumper was detected (the conveyor was turned on again).

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