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$3,393 Annual Air Savings On A Tank Blowoff Operation

$3,393 Annual Air Savings On A Tank Blowoff OperationA company that refurbishes large pressurized tanks runs the tanks through an oven to burn off the old paint. Only one tank at a time can be processed. The single tank is loaded onto the conveyor and the system is turned on. The conveyor starts to move and the series of Super Air Knives used for blowoff at the exit of the oven is turned on. At 80 PSIG, the four Super Air Knives consume 348 SCFM (9,848 SLPM). The blowoff runs for 5 minutes waiting for the first tank to make it through the oven and approach the airflow (wastes 1,740 SCF/49,242 SL of air). It takes one minute to pass through the airstream. Once the blowoff is complete, the conveyor stops and the air is shutoff. The stripped tank is taken off the conveyor and another tank loaded at the other end. They typically run 30 pressurized tanks per day, five days per week.

Old Method
It takes 6 minutes to complete the process.
6 minutes x 348 SCFM = 2,088 SCFM (59,090 SL)
2,088 SCF x 30 tanks = 62,640 SCF (1,772,712 SL)
Before the EFC installation:
Most large plants know their air cost. If the actual cost is unknown, $0.25 per 1,000 SCF (28,329 SL) is reasonable.
62,640 SCF/1,000 = 62.64 x $.25 = $15.66 air cost per day.
New Method
The EFC was installed to shut off the compressed air for the 5 minutes where no tank was present (one minute of air on).
1 minute X 348 SCFM = 348 SCF x 30 tanks = 10,440 SCF (295,452 SL)
With the EFC installed:
10,440 SCF/1,000 = 10.44 x $.25 = $2.61 air cost per day
$15.66 (old cost) - $2.61 (new cost) =
$13.05 savings per day x 5 days per week =
$65.25 savings per week x 52 weeks per year =
$3,393 savings per year.
The timer was set to “on/off delay” when detecting the tanks. The best place to mount the sensor was at the oven exit that was 1 minute away from the blowoff station. Once the tank started to exit the oven, the timing sequence began and turned on the air just as the tank reached the blowoff station. The duration time of the blowoff was set at one minute.

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