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Static Eliminators

CASE STUDY: Eliminating Poor Print Quality

The Problem: A beverage manufacturer had problems with ink jet print quality on certain drink containers. Static electricity on the surface attracted the ink to other positions on the container, rather than straight across from the printhead. Printing was illegible.

Eliminating Poor Print Quality

The Solution: A Model 111012 12" (305mm) Super Ion Air Knife was installed on each side of the container. The airstream, filled with static eliminating ions, surrounded the container and removed the static charge from the surface. Print quality was crisp and clear.

Comment: In an earlier attempt to eliminate the static problem, ionizing bars without air delivery proved ineffective, as the ionized air could not reach the surface of the three dimensional containers. The Super Ion Air Knife, with its balanced, laminar airflow is capable of neutralizing the charge on any surface it touches. In addition to ink jet, screen, web and offset printing, it is ideal for cleaning parts, removing dust and eliminating potential shock hazards.

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