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Static Eliminators

CASE STUDY: Eliminating Static on a Blow Molding Operation

The Problem: A manufacturer of plastic bottles experienced a 50% reject rate every time the humidity dropped. A charge produced by the extrusion process attracted the tubular plastic parisons to the tie bars of their blow molding machines. As a result, the extrusions went off center and the molded bottles wound up with more plastic on one side than the other.

Eliminating Static on a Blow Molding Operation

The Solution: The bottle manufacturer upfit their machines with the Model 111012 12" (305mm) Super Ion Air Knife powered by the Model 7901 Power Supply. As the plastic extruded from the blow pin, it was blanketed with a light flow of ionized air. The static charge on the plastic was eliminated and the bottles maintained uniform thickness. Rejects were completely eliminated.

Comment: When production rates and product quality suffer due to static, the powerful Super Ion Air Knife is the answer. The compact design with side and bottom compressed air inlets make mounting easy. Since the compressed air requirement is minimal, retrofitting all of the many blow molding machines in this plant was not an issue. The Super Ion Air Knife is the ideal way to keep plastic bottles, webs, shrink wraps, and other charged surfaces clean and static free.

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