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Static Eliminators

CASE STUDY: Personnel Blowoff in a Paint Booth

The Problem: Maintaining strict cleanliness in an auto paint booth is essential. However, airborne dust from the clothing of workers entering the booth settled on the car body. These tiny imperfections, magnified after painting, resulted in unacceptably high rejection levels.

Personnel Blowoff in a Paint Booth

The Solution: The entrance to the paint booth was surrounded with a series of Model 111036 36" (914mm) Super Ion Air Knives. This "ionized air shower" neutralized the static charge on the worker's clothing and directed the dust to a floor vent. Paint booth contamination and finish related rejections were reduced dramatically.

Comment: The ability of the ionized air to "reach out and touch someone" was the key to success in this application. The Super Ion Air Knife uses a small amount of compressed air to deliver a high volume flow of surrounding air to a charged surface. It can effectively eliminate static and the contaminants it attracts at distances up to 20 feet.

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