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Standard Ion Air Knife

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The Standard Ion Air Knife standard lengths are: 3", 6", 9", 12", 18", 24", 30", 36", 42" and 48" (76, 152, 229, 305, 457, 610, 762, 914, 1067 and 1219mm). Special lengths up to 48" (1219mm) and unlimited system lengths are available (please contact our factory). A 5' (1.52m) shielded power cable with ground and assembled bayonet connector are included.

A 5kV power supply is required for operation. Model 7901 (115V) with 2 outlets; Model 7907 (230V) with 2 outlets; Model 7940 (115V) with 4 outlets; Model 7941 (230V) with 4 outlets. Power supplies are equipped with a 6' (1.83m) power cord, lighted power switch and high voltage outlets.

Ionizing Bars are UL Component Recognized to U.S. and Canadian safety standards.

Power supplies are UL Listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards.

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Compressed Air:
1/4 NPT inlets are provided on each end.

For use with 5 kVrms, 5 milliamperes (max.) power supply,
Model 7901 (115V) or 7907 (230V).

Electrical Hazard:
Ionizing bars are shockless (less than 40 microamperes short circuited).
Do not use near flammable materials or gases!

Materials of Construction:
Standard Air Knife: Aluminum
Ionizing Bar Channel: Aluminum
Plastic Parts: UL rated 94 HB
Emitters: Stainless Steel

Maximum Ambient Temperature:
165°F (74°C)

Thicker shims can be installed easily if additional hard-hitting velocity is required.

Standard Ion Air Knife Performance Data

Standard Ion Air Knife Performance
Pressure Supply Air Consumption* Sound Level Dissipates 5kV**
5 0.30 6 170 66 0.55
10 0.70 8 227 68 0.40
20 1.40 16 453 69 0.25
40 2.80 24 679 78 0.20
60 4.10 32 906 84 0.18
80 5.50 41 1,160 87 0.18
100 6.90 49 1,387 90 0.18
       *per foot (305mm) of length
       **6" (152mm) from target

Standard Ion Air Knife Airflow Pattern

Standard Ion Air Knife Airflow Pattern
Note: Performance on lengths over 36" will vary. Contact an Application Engineer for details.

Kits include the Standard Ion Air Knife, shim set, Model 7901 Power Supply, Filter and Regulator.
Kits include the Standard Ion Air Knife, shim
set, Model 7901 Power Supply, filter separator
and pressure regulator (with coupler).

Universal Air Knife Mounting SystemUniversal Air Knife Mounting System
The Model 9060 Universal Air Knife Mounting System is used to provide secure, precise positioning for any of the EXAIR Air Knives. It can be mounted on either the top or bottom of most Air Knives (Super Ion Air Knife and Standard Ion Air Knife). The Universal Air Knife Mounting System has a durable, stainless steel construction that is suitable for a variety of industrial applications. Click here for more information about the Universal Air Knife Mounting System.

Electronic Flow ControlElectronic Flow Control
EXAIR's EFC is an electronic flow control that dramatically reduces compressed air costs by turning off the compressed air when no part is present. This minimizes compressed air use for blow off, drying, cooling, conveying and static elimination operations. The EFC combines a photoelectric sensor with a timing control that limits compressed air use by turning it off when no part is present. Click here for more information.

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