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Choosing An E-Vac

Watch the E-Vac Video!E-Vac® Vacuum Generators Are Easy To Use
The construction of the E-Vac is aluminum. The vacuum inlet can be easily connected to existing tubing, piping and hose. Durable vinyl vacuum cups for pick and place applications are available. Optional silencing mufflers are available that permit maximum exhaust of the E-Vac unit so cycle speed is not reduced.

Choosing The Appropriate E-Vac® Vacuum Generator
EXAIR’s E-Vac is available in 2 styles that include the In-Line E-Vac and Adjustable E-Vac. Each design has been engineered for use in a variety of applications. These single stage, all aluminum units provide consistent, steady vacuum, unlike mechanical vacuum pumps. Dust and small particulates easily pass through the vacuum generator and they have no moving parts, making them maintenance free.

In-Line E-VacIn-Line E-Vac® Vacuum Generator
This series of single stage, cylindrical vacuum generators are compact and easy to mount at the point of use. The In-Line E-Vac can be held in place by threading them directly onto a compressed air line or with use of a mounting clip. Each In-Line vacuum model has a specific level of vacuum and flow. This style can easily pass dust or small particulates. There are 7 models suitable for use when lifting porous materials (like cardboard). The “porous” models have vacuum levels up to 21" Hg (71 kPa) with vacuum flows up to 18.5 SCFM (524 SLPM). There are 7 models for use with non-porous materials (like glass) that have vacuum levels up to 27" Hg (91 kPa) with vacuum flows up to 15.8 SCFM (447 SLPM).

Adjustable E-VacAdjustable E-Vac® Vacuum Generator
This series of Adjustable E-Vac single stage vacuum generators permit easy adjustment by simply loosening the locknut and turning the exhaust to increase or decrease the level of vacuum and vacuum flow. These are ideal for use with porous and non-porous materials where the load can vary. Vacuum flow is easily increased when the vacuum is being used on a porous surface. This style passes dust and larger size particulates so there is no loss in vacuum, making it the best choice when working with dirty, dusty materials (such as concrete mix, plaster, etc.) There are 4 models with adjustable vacuum up to 25" Hg (85 kPa) and vacuum flow up to 81 SCFM (2,294 SLPM).

E-Vac Kits

E-Vac Kits give you the ability to experiment with an assortment of vacuum cups. Kits include a muffler, an assortment of (4) pairs of vacuum cups (closely matched to the performance of that E-Vac), (2) straight, (2) elbow and (1) tee vacuum fittings, 10' of vacuum tubing and a mounting clip. In-Line E-Vac Vacuum Generator System
Create your own vacuum system!
In-Line E-Vac with Straight Through Muffler, push-in connectors, vacuum tubing and a round vacuum cup.

E-Vac Deluxe Kits include the same items as the standard kit with the addition of an automatic drain filter separator for the compressed air supply and pressure regulator (with coupler).

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