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Vacuum Generators

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  • Pick and place of parts and equipment
  • Bag/package opening
  • Label placement
  • Vacuum forming
  • Mold evacuation
  • Vacuum filling
  • Leak testing
  • Evacuate containers
  • Clamping and chucking
  • Paper alignment and feed in printing equipment
  • Vacuum packaging
  • Surface mounting
  • Vacuum press for wood veneers and laminates
  • Carton forming
  • Robotic tooling
  • Vacuum liquids for testing

Other Applications For E-Vac

There is a constant evolution of new applications for the E-Vac vacuum generators. Tasks that were once performed manually can often be accomplished more quickly and safely using an E-Vac vacuum generator. One example is drawing up liquid samples for testing. Many companies that produce chemicals or liquids will test them for chemical composition or clarity. Unfortunately, many do it the dangerous, old fashioned way of leaning over the vats or containers to draw some of the liquid into a pipette or other liquid holding device. This process can easily be accomplished using an E-Vac vacuum generator attached to a liquid holding tube. When the tube is dipped into the vat, tank or container, the compressed air is turned on so it draws a specific volume of liquid up into the tube. When the compressed air is turned off, the liquid flows from the tube and can be dispensed into a container or machine to be analyzed.

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