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Testing Heat Tape Thermostats

The Problem: A manufacturer of electrical heat tapes had a problem testing thermostats for accuracy. The heat tape is supposed to switch on when the outdoor temperature dips below 40°F to prevent pipes from freezing or ice from building up on a roofs edge. The liquid-tight thermostat of every tape had to be dipped into a bowl of ice water (thermometer checked at 36°F (2°C)) to make sure the indicator light came on and the tape got warm. Summertime heat caused the water to heat up so quickly that more time was spent regulating the water temperature than testing thermostats.

Testing Heat Tape Thermostats with the Adjustable Spot Cooler

The Solution: The water bath was replaced with a Model 3825 Adjustable Spot Cooler. Once set to their desired temperature of 36°F (2°C), it provided a stable temperature all day long without adjustment. Drying each heat tape was no longer required and testing was over in seconds.

Comment: The Adjustable Spot Cooler paid for itself in no time as a result of the increased productivity. In this case, the company used the included 15 SCFM (425 SLPM) generator which minimized the compressed air use, costing only 23 cents per hour of continuous use! When testing thermostats, cooling machined plastics, setting hot melts or controlling tolerances, the Adjustable Spot Cooler is the best choice.