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CASE STUDY: Cooling an Ultrasonic Weld

The Problem: A manufacturer of toothpaste seals the ends of plastic tubes with an ultrasonic welder prior to filling. As heat built up at the sealing jaw of the welder, release of the tubes was delayed. Tubes that were too hot would not seal resulting in a high rate of rejection.

Cooling an Ultrasonic Weld with a Vortex Tube

The Solution: A Model 3215 Vortex Tube was used to direct cold air at the jaw of the welder. The cooling was transferred through the metal jaw to the tube seam while in the clamped position. Process time was reduced and rejected tubes were eliminated.

Comment: It amazes most people that the cooling from a small vortex tube can dramatically improve quality and throughput. The vortex tube is the low cost solution for cooling parts, chambers, heat seals and various processes. They're easy to use, can be adjusted to produce cold air down to -50°F (-46°C) and have no moving parts to wear out.

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