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Adjustable Spot Cooler System (one cold outlet)
Model 3825 Adjustable Spot Cooler System - With the turn of a knob, you choose the temperature. The Adjustable Spot Cooler converts a small amount of compressed air into cold air. The temperature is adjustable from -30°F to room temperature. The Adjustable Spot Cooler is quiet and uses no electricity or chemicals. It improves production rates, tolerances and surface finish. Applications include cooling solder, shrink tubing, welding horns, hot melts, environmental chambers, testing sensors and adjusting thermostats. The system with two outlets is recommended when heat is generated over a larger surface area.
  • Replace messy mist systems
  • Low cost, portable, easy to use
  • Quiet - under 75 dBA
  • Improves dry machining
Product Options
Kit contains the following items:
  • Adjustable Spot Cooler (3725)
  • Magnetic Base (9029)
  • Single Point Hose Kit (One Cold Outlet) (5901)
  • Automatic Drain Filter Separator (9004)
  • EXAIR Product #15-H
  • EXAIR Product #30-H
Price: $460.00
In stock: Yes