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Model 5015 Cold Gun or Model 5030 High Power Cold Gun Only
The Cold Gun increases tool life, tolerances and production rates by eliminating heat build-up. The quiet Cold Gun produces cold air at 20°F from compressed air. The new High Power Cold Gun with twice the cooling capability is available. The Cold Gun is ideal for dry machining or to replace messy mist systems. Applications include milling, tool and carbide grinding, drill sharpening, plastics machining. Model 5015 Cold Gun is 15 SCFM/425 SLPM and Model 5030 High Power Cold Gun is 30 SCFM/850 SLPM. (Model 5015 Cold Gun shown)
  • Low cost, portable, quiet
  • Won't freeze up during continuous use
  • Improves surface finish
  • No moving parts - maintenance free
  • 1/4 NPT air inlet
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